The Grand Master Artist


LoAnn Nguyen is a truly unique and remarkable individual. Described by those close to her as
caring, compassionate, and always striving to brighten someone else’s day. LoAnn’s greatest joy  is to bring happiness to those around here. Aside from her passion for eyebrow sculpting and making her clients beautiful, her hobbies include traveling the world with her loving husband, cooking,  interior design and spending time with her family.


Experienced, Certified & Licensed

When it comes to the art of brows, LoAnn means business. This is what she does BEST. This is why people come to see her.  Her mission is simple: To give her clients the best eyebrows imaginable. Drawing and shaping of eyebrows is LoAnn’s ultimate passion. Therefore, she has spent years perfecting her craft.

LoAnn has received certifications from various academies from around the world. Learning different techniques and bringing back the best practices each academy had to offer. Now LoAnn has her own mastered techniques to successfully perform the art of brows.

Please note that these are your eyebrows! You don’t want anyone to just do them. You want them done right the first time by an expert. You need to do your research and compare each artist’s work to ensure the quality is top-notch.

Rest assured when you step into LoAnn’s Brow Art Studio, you are getting the very best of everything. LoAnn uses the latest premium ink and tools to ensure that every application is done with surgical precision and the colors always look fresh so that you get the most naturally enhance eyebrows possible.  LoAnn also uses very high-quality topical numbing cream making the procedure tolerable and almost painless.











Locally Owned & Operated

"I am here to welcome and serve All people. Having traveled the world (for vacationing and training), I had an opportunity to learn about many different great and unique cultures and people. To me, we are special and created with purpose and value. Every culture has their unique beauty. It is my purpose to enhance that beauty by the power of eyebrows! I came here to bring joy to people."

                                                                                                                  ~ LoAnn



  • Powder Brows                  $500Po

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  • Upper Eyeliner Tattoo    $500

  • Lower Eyeliner Tattoo    $400

  • Lip Tattoo                         $600

  • Areola Tattoo                  Call for details!

  • Scalp Microblading        Call for details!





1801 Haggerty Road

Commerce Township, MI 48390



Phone: 248-924-5450


Hours: By Appointment only

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